10 Ways to Add Fruit to Your Diet

If you’re not the type that likes to bite into an apple or gobble down watermelon then here are ten tips to add fruit to your diet to help you to eat healthier:

  1. Add cut up strawberries to your cereal. Strawberries are usually sweet and if cut up you may not even notice you’re eating them.
  2. Use applesauce instead of oil when baking. Always check if this substitution will work. It usually works best when baking muffins.
  3. Freeze grapes and then eat them. A whole bowl of them. Now tell me that you don’t like grapes.
  4. Use a dip with apples, bananas, pineapple, melons, etc. You can make your own low fat dip using a sugar substitute, low fat yogurt and Lite Cool Whip.
  5. Drink real juices or smoothies with real fruit. Check the ingredients for fat content and sugar on the smoothies.
  6. Add fruit to when cooking. For example pork chops and peaches go well together as well as pineapple and chicken.
  7. Make a trail mix and include raisins, prunes and apricots.
  8. Eat yogurt with real fruit or add your own fruit.
  9. Instead of eating plain chocolate, eat a chocolate covered strawberry or banana. Frozen chocolate bananas taste delicious!
  10. Mix in real fruit juice with seltzer water instead of drinking soda. You’ll get the fizz and sweetness that you crave.

As you continue to include fruit using the above tips – through substitution, blending or mixing into foods you enjoy or trying them in new ways, begin to open your taste buds to trying the flavors of the fruit. You may be surprised to find that you do like them. Try unique fruits, like guava, star fruit, mangoes, kiwis, etc. You may find something more enjoyable. Experiment and add salt to slices of watermelon, add a slice of melon to a sandwich, do what you like!

Do you hide fruit in your cooking or snacks? Is there an unusual way that you like to eat fruit?

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