Breville Stand Mixer

When unpacking the Breville Stand Mixer I was very impressed by all the separate mixing attachments.  My first impression of the mixer was how professional it looked coming in all stainless steel.  One of my favorite features that I didn’t expect was the pouring shield.  This worked perfect to keep all the ingredients where they should be during the mixing process.

I used the Breville Stand Mixer the first time for making Banana Nut Bread.  To start I added the sugar and shortening while slowly increasing the mixer’s speed until I reached the Cream Beat setting.  I must say the mixer is very powerful and the ingredients were completely creamed together within 20-30 seconds.

Another neat feature is the LCD screen with ten minute timer.  The timer has the capability to count up or down.  When the mixer is turned in the on position the timer automatically starts counting upwards so you don’t have to keep track, however if you’d like to mix your ingredients for a specific amount of time you can set the timer before turning the mixer on and it will count down for you and automatically shut off at zero.

After creaming the first round of ingredients I then added the nuts, eggs, bananas, baking soda and flour to mix all together.  During this process I hardly crossed the line between Fold/Knead & Light Mix on the mixer setting.  The mixing attachment I chose to use was the scraper beater.  I absolutely loved how it scraped the side of the stainless steel mixing bowl.  By using this attachment I was sure to have all the ingredients nicely mixed together with nothing left on the side of the bowl.

The final step in using the Breville Stand Mixer was cleaning it.  This step was very easy considering the mixing attachment came off without hassle and the bowl removes with ease.  I can’t wait to use the rest of the attachments and try out the higher setting when making whipped cream or meringue.

Ta-Da! My Banana Nut Bread!

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