Cut Household Costs with These 10 Tips

I’ll admit, I’m not the best money saver but I’m finding that making small changes are making a big impact in my wallet. Follow these smart tips to insure that little bit of extra cash in your bank account, stays there. Or better yet, take it and invest it!

  1. Buy a Battery Recharging Station. Toss those alkaline batteries!! A onetime investment of $40 bucks on a good recharging station, can save you as much $100 a year.
  2. Close Closet Doors. Lower your heating/cooling bill by closing closet doors and doors along the exterior walls. If you have a room that isn’t used often, consider closing the vent to that room all together and only open it when when you plan to use.
  3. Use a Smart Strip. Did you know that 3/4 of the energy that electronics burn is consumed while the equipment is off? It was a shock to me too. Plug them into a smart strip and when they are turned off, the smart strip automatically shuts down power until you turn them on again, saving you a possible $200+ a year.
  4. Use a Laptop. Since it runs on batteries, you’ll be using 80% less electricity than a desktop. Plus, you can relax on the sofa.
  5. Shop at It’s like Travelocity but for electric, phone, and cable services. You simply enter your zip code to find the best deal in your area. Could be big savings!
  6. Use your Microwave. It consumes half the power of a stove and doesn’t heat up the house. A BIG plus for us since we have poor insulation.
  7. Make your Own Cleaning Solutions. What do you think they used back before all these fancy cleaners? Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that is much cheaper and just as effective.
  8. Under-sink Water Filter. Install one. Why under the sink? To avoid a bulky head on your faucet.
  9. Shorten your Dryer-vent Hose. Disconnect it and vacuum it out to rid of dust bunnies and anything that might be blocking a steady flow. Trip the hose down as much as possible. It makes your dryer run more efficiently.
  10. Install a Shower Timer. Great for a kid’s bathroom but worth installing in all showers. Just set your shower timer for 5 or 10 minutes, conserving water which can save you $200+ a year.

Do you have any tips to share for cutting household costs?


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