Football Party Tips and Halftime Games

Making game time fun for your next football/super bowl party is easy and will have everyone wanting to come to your house for the entire football season!


You must have food and I found a huge list of delicious football food, over at My Wooden Spoon, that will keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the game yourself!

You need drink cups, napkins, and plates. I found some official NFL plates and napkins for my team, the Dallas Cowboys, for $2 bucks. Now that’s budget friendly and eliminates the dreaded dish-washing!  I also saw a cool football field runner online!! That would be a hoot to have. You could do a bean bag toss using that runner!



Before the party, head to the store and get some prizes for the halftime games.

Prepare your game list and any items you might need to play them. Here are some of my favorite games to play before the game starts and during halftime.

  • Football tossing contest– Much like the ones you see at the carnivals. You can use a hoola hoop or something smaller and see who can make it through the circle, and how many times (like xx out of 10 shots).
  • Football Charades– Divide your teams and give each team 5 word cards that you already prepared. Everyone takes their turn, acting otu the word and trying to get their team to answer correctly. Most correct guessed words wins. Here are a few charade words to get you started.

1. cheerleader
2. helmet
3. football
4. touchdown
5. referee
6. coach
7. team
8. field goal
9. beer
10. buffalo wings

  • Just like the baby shower favorite, ‘don’t say baby’, you can use the same game method but instead of baby, you can’t say “football”. What’s fun about this one is that you can get your kiddos or friends to make little footballs with double sided tape on the back of them and every time someone says “football”, they get a football on their chest. The person with the least amount of footballs on their chest, wins!
  • And finally, try having a cheerleading competition. You can do with this kids but I have to say, it’s mighty funny once the beer is flowing among the adults. This game requires a few pom-poms made from crepe paper and sticky-tape (or bought from your local store), and lots of creativity. Players split into groups of 3 or 4, and have 10-15 minutes to devise, choreograph and perform a cheer-leading routine. Three people not participating act as judges, and give each routine a score out of 5. The group earning the highest score are the cheerleading champions.

What tips and ideas do you have for throwing a fun football/super bowl party?

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